White Paper - IPsec Deployment Strategies for Securing LTE Networks

With the rapid growth of mobile broadband, Internet attackers are moving their focus to the mobile network as well. While mobile operators are migrating their networks to Long Term Evolution (LTE), mobile network planners must contend with new exposures that arise in this architecture. This white paper demonstrates that there is a path to deploying IPsec that provides additional security to the LTE network while taking into consideration the growth of the operator’s LTE traffic and its ability to support those new requirements

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Securing Next Generation Mobile Networks

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RadiSys Solution: LTE SEG

Worldwide mobile operators are migrating their networks to LTE (Long Term Evolution) to increase broadband capacity, provide higher data rates for subscribers, and enable new mobile applications. LTE is a flat all-IP architecture which simplifies network management and lowers costs, but which also brings inherent security threats and challenges. The 3GPP Network Domain Security (NDS) standard specifies ways to protect elements and secure communication links in the LTE access network and enhanced packet core.

The RadiSys LTE SEG is a robust telecom security gateway based on NDS standards that provides stateful firewalling and IPsec tunneling in a single platform. The RadiSys LTE SEG secures LTE Access/Backhaul and LTE Packet Core networks, as well as current generation wireless offload applications like I-WLAN, UMA/GAN and FemtoCell that are evolving to LTE. The RadiSys LTE SEG, is built around the carrier-grade Advanced Telecommunications Computing Architecture (ATCA), and offers world-class security features with multi-gigabit performance. The LTE SEG is also available as a turnkey ATCA blade that can be integrated into other network elements. Both chassis and blade configurations support carrier grade high availability with redundant hardware and sophisticated fault tolerant software.

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