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The Market

Global Deployment Map and the Large Users comments

A lot of information about the ECOSYSTEMS, and more

White Papers and Featured Vendors

Reaching 1,000 Competence Centers Worldwide

TEM’s and NEP’s: addressing about 90% of the Telecom Infrastructure Market

TELCO’s (Carriers, Operators, Service Providers) over 250, including the Top 100 and reaching 100+ Countries

Mil-Aero: all Tier 1 and 2 Defense OEM’s / Contractors (mainly North America, Europe, Israel and India)

Introduced at LTE World Summit Amsterdam May 2010 – Why?

The ATCA business is for 80% in the Next Gen Telecom Infrastructure Market, the Telecom is a Global Business and there was no publication clearly addressing this Market Globally to boost the ATCA business

They key issue is the Customer Database and the huge amount of work to maintain and upgrade it.

ATCA World was presented at the LTE World Summit in May 2010 in Amsterdam, and in June 2010 the First Edition was reaching the Market Worldwide.

ATCA is enjoying a great deployment, but there are so many potential customers who never heard about ATCA as confirmed by Senior Business people from ATCA Vendors and demonstrated at key events.

e2mos benefits from not less than 30 years experience in Embedded Systems Business, Telecom Worldwide is now our Flagship segment, a Global UNIQUE Customer Database is on hand and we have pleased the Market with over 1,000 monthly magazines of that model from back in 1981 for VME, and edited for several companies.



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e2mos is a registered company established in Belgium www.e2mos.com

“in the middle of the World Market, to meet all working time zones” 

Products & Solutions for Next Gen Communications Infrastructures www.atcaworld.com                  

ATCA World is addressing about 90% of the Global Telecom Market & Mil-Aero

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