Definitions & abbreviations:

ATCA or AdvancedTCA = Advanced Telecommunications Computing Architecture

AMC or AdvancedMC = Advanced Mezzanine Card 

MicroTCA or µTCA = Micro Telecommunications Computing Architecture

xTCA is the family name for ATCA, AMC, MicroTCA and more

Note: Blade, Board, Card and Module is the same

Products &  Applications

ATCA is used for large and medium applications: Core Networks, LTE, WiMax, Femto Gateway, DPI, Security, IMS, IPTV, Mobile Video, Mil-Aero, Niche Hi-end Computing and any High Availability & Mission Critical Applications

AMC Modules are used as Mezzanine Card and increase the flexibility and offering quickly many options with the latest Silicon

MicroTCA: AMC Modules can be plugged directly in a MicroTCA System for smaller applications and for Telecom Test Equipment - Mil-Aero - Physics and Research, MicroTCA Systems are also very much used for Software Development as New Multicore Chips are quickly implemented on AMC Modules.

Examples: Multicore CPU, NPU, DSP from ARM, Cavium, Freescale, Intel, LSI, MIPS, NetLogic, TI, Tilera ...and these AMC”s can be plugged into ATCA Carriers and MicroTCA.

Products & Solutions for Next Gen Communications Infrastructures                  

ATCA World is addressing about 90% of the Global Telecom Market & Mil-Aero

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The xTCA Family includes: ATCA - AMC - MicroTCA Boards & Servers