ATCA Market Overview

...a great success, take a look at the Global Deployment and the TEM’s

ATCA is Deployed in Volume in all World’s Major Networks 

The TELCO’s: here are about 30 Carriers and Service Providers: Airtel, AT&T, BSNL, China Mobile,

China Telecom, China Unicom, Claro, KDDI, mobinil, MTC, NTT, docomo, O2, oi, OPTUS, orange,

Reliance Communications, Rogers Communications, Sprint, Telstra, Telus, tico, T-Mobile, Verizon, vivo,

vodacom, vodafone, ...see Global Deployment Map

Telecom Equipment Manufactures (TEM) & Network Equipment Providers (NEP) Users

Tier 1: Alcatel-Lucent, Cisco, Ericsson, Huawei, Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN) see what they say Large TEM’s

Tier 2: Genband, Hitachi, NEC, Tellabs, ZTE, and many others

Tier 3 and Innovative Startups: many, you see them all at major Telecom shows, see Events

Major Markets & Applications

Telecom Equipment Manufacturers are using ATCA to design and build their most Advanced Systems as it is

a perfect fit in central office-type communications infrastructure equipment that sits at the core of all

communications networks and that is the largest piece of the market.

Telecom & NGN is today 80% of ATCA Total Global Market because the growing need for high bandwidth and

high-speed architecture and the Video Traffic explosion, see CISCO graph

Leading applications: Core Network, LTE, WiMax, Femto Gateway , Node-B, DPI, Security, IMS, IPTV, Mobile Video,

Next Gen Softswitch, Data/Video Traffic, Media Gateways, Video Servers, Multiscreen / Format Transcoding,

Lawful Interception, Satellite Ground Control, ...

Defense & Aerospace ATCA & MicroTCA, standard & ruggedized

Multi-mission Aircraft (US Air Force & US Navy), Deep See (Ocean in Alaska), ...

C4ISR, Mobile Command & Control, Next Decade Military Networks, ...

Niche High-end Computing Medical, Physics (CERN, DESY, SLAC, ...), Energy, Critical Process, Research, ...

High Availability (HA) any Mission Critical Computer Systems and Critical Automation like Semiconductor Manufacturing, ...

Market Figures

There is still some fine tune to do about defining Captive / Non-Captive Markets and splitting Servers and Boards.

The ratio ATCA / MicroTCA is about 10, AMC’s are generally included in the MicroTCA figures

See the graph from Venture Development Corp.

Make versus Buy - The Captive and Non-Captive Markets

“Make-or-Buy” is alive for Decades (VME since 1981) and will most probably remain for ever.

Ratios will change depending on the Quantity / Business Model / Time-to-Market needed / Resources / Prices / Strategy

Several TEM’s Make-and-Buy” for example Alcatel-Lucent and Huawei, and this is even reinforcing the ATCA success.

ATCA History

ATCA was introduced in 2001, Intel has been a strong promoter from the beginning.

AdvancedTCA celebrating 10 Years of Innovation 2001-2011 see

Do not be afraid about the 10 Years just think about the introduction date and the huge markets today of for example

the PC, the Flash Memories, Ethernet and any other Great Technologies, and VME is now 30 Years old and still leading in Mil-Aero

ATCA Future - As a conclusion of this page “GREAT”

But one more good news “There are plenty of potential customers for ATCA who never heart about it”

Vendors here is your chance! take a look at

Products & Solutions for Next Gen Communications Infrastructures                  

ATCA World is addressing about 90% of the Global Telecom Market & Mil-Aero

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