All Large TEM’s are ATCA Users   ...most success stories, and growing in numbers, are achieved with ATCA Platforms

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Alcatel-Lucent 7500 Serving GPRS Support Node (SGSN)

Delivers high-speed services for new data revenue streams

The Alcatel-Lucent 7500 SGSN is essential for delivering the bandwidth and mobility management needed to deliver evolved EDGE/HSPA mobile broadband services both in packet core network renovations and expansions.

Click here. (also published in ATCA World March 2011 page 3)

Cisco Converged Services Platform - ATCA-based

Mobile subscribers are demanding the same type of services that are provided over the Internet on their mobile phones - including messaging, social networking, and video sharing. As a mobile operator, you also realize the importance of retaining your existing voice-service customers in the emerging all-IP world.

Click here. (also published in ATCA World April 2011 page 4)

Genband and Interoute to Deliver European IPv6 VoIP Network

Supporting IPv6 through the GENBAND S3™ Session Border Controller, ATCA -based

Click here. (also published in ATCA World April 2011 page 8)

Huawei Deploys ATCA-Based CDMA Mobile Softswitch Solution for Movistar Peru

"We are greatly impressed by the dedication, reactivity and positive working attitude demonstrated by Huawei's team. Huawei' s cutting-edge ATCA-based CDMA mobile softswitch solution and proven delivery capability meet our highly demanding requirements, and our joint effort will help us to improve our network efficiency, reduce our operation costs, and better serve our customers," said Mr. Seneca De La Puente, CTO of Movistar Peru.

Click here. (also published in ATCA World January 2011 page 2)

Huawei - Telefonica o2 Germany: NGIN platform created synergies thanks to Huawei ATCA

Telefónica o2 Germany was determined to leverage its fixed and IMS network assets to create synergies for the organic growth of its mobile business. To realize this strategic target, and lay the foundation for future growth, the operator carried out service network optimization using a new NGIN platform.

Future-proof hardware platforms ATCA-based

One of the reasons why o2 selected Huawei's platform was its hardware concept that is based on the advanced telecommunications computing architecture (ATCA). This platform is widely accepted as the standard in telecom infrastructure. By deploying this platform, the operator expects that future demands on the network will be quickly tackled by easily upgrading the existing platform through new blade cards.

A smooth and future-proof evolution

No interruption of revenue-generating services

Grasping new service opportunities

Click here. Huawei update Summer 2011 with more details about ATCA

(also published in ATCA World April 2011 page 6)

Nokia Siemens Networks reduces hardware complexity

The Nokia Siemens Networks ATCA-based mobile softswitch, announced in 2009, delivers seven times more capacity compared to legacy proprietary platforms, and reduces power consumption by more than 70 percent.

Click here. (also published in ATCA World April 2011 page 3)

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