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Most Powerful STANDARDIZED Embedded Computing Systems

Open Modular Multi-vendor HPC Architectures for Hi-end Blade Computers

ATCA or AdvancedTCA stands for Advanced Telecom Computing Architecture but is used in volume in many Critical Applications – ATCA is for Hi-end, MicroTCA is smaller size.

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Hi-end Standardized Blade Computer Architectures

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High Performance Embedded Computers


High Availability 99.999% - Redundant Systems

Best Choice for ANY Critical & Sophisticated Applications


• Open Modular STANDARDIZED Blade Architectures

• Multi-vendor - Mix-and-Match - Not Locked in ONE Vendor

• Best CAPEX OPEX TCO • In-service UPGRADE HW & SW

• Application-ready Systems & Boards • Deployed Worldwide

• Covering all Commercial & Ruggedized/Mil-Aero Applications

• The ONLY Standardized Platform for Carrier Grade Telecom

• Very Large Choice of Standardized Options (AMC & RTM)

• Freedom "Make or/and Buy" at any time back and forth

For Sophisticated, Critical and High Performance Applications

High Availability Five & Six Nines (99.999%) - Redundant

NO Single Point of Failure

  • Telecom Large Networks (ETSI and NEBS)
  • Military-Aero-Government
  • Physics
  • Semiconductor Mfg Equipment
  • Research

MicroTCA Computer Systems use Standard

AMC Modules Single and/or Double as

Basic Computing & I/O Building Blocks

  • Communications
  • Cloud Computing
  • Energy
  • Industrial Automation
  • Military-Aero-Government
  • Physics
  • Transportation
  • Medical
  • Research

Single and Double AMC Cards - 500+ on the Market from 20+ Vendors

AMC’s are used in MicroTCA & ATCA

  • for Basic Computing & I/O Building Blocks in MicroTCA
  • as Mezzanines for ATCA via a Carrier Card




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Did you know those Success Stories

ATCA Platforms were key for Huawei to become the
dominant #1 in Telecom Equipment
Best CAPEX & OPEX, Many Success Stories published

ATCA is deployed in all the World’s Major Networks
The ONLY Standardized Platform for Carrier Grade Telecom Redundant, High Availability 99.999%, In-service Upgradable

ATCA is used in the EU Quantum Project (2019-2021)
for Communication Infrastructures Research

US Army relies very much on ATCA and MicroTCA
in the Air, Land, Sea and Deep Water

ATCA systems UNDERSEA off the coast of Alaska for data acquisition & networking for thousands of low-noise,
precision measurement sensors, done by SAIC

High Energy Physics are all using MicroTCA & ATCA
including: CERN - DESY – SLAC

So much better than good

Specifications - All Products are Standardized

This series of specifications incorporates the latest trends
in high speed interconnect technologies, next generation processors and improved reliability, manageability
 and serviceability. Please visit PICMG

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